Friday, 22 July 2011


The Toddler was 31 months yesterday! It is a very precious age. I love the vocabulary and the quirks of the little personality developing!

I hope we will be sensitive enough to allow her to develop fully as her own unique human being…

Because it is also a very difficult age! She pushes the boundaries the whole time. The question is how important some of those boundaries are? Where do we draw the line with regards the really important stuff?

Mama Poekie’s article at Authentic Parenting about the art of negotiation struck a cord! This is exactly what we are doing right now! We are trying to improve the art of negotiation to come to “an agreement that we all feel comfortable with.”

A case in point: the Toddler wants to look like a princess every day. What she thinks look like a “princess”, and what we think are totally different things! She went to sleep last night with summer sandals over socks… The Wordless Wednesday post of this week shows her where we got to a very amicable agreement! It is now mostly summer dresses over winter clothes…

I feel totally beat every night after her bath and negotiating to get her into a princess outfit that we both agree on. It doesn’t help for me to put the outfit on the bed… She checks it, and jumps down and goes to her cupboard and takes out something that she prefers. It is mostly the same dresses over and over again! She’s got a whole cupboard full of pretty clothes, but it does not fit her “princess”-style of clothing!

Phew! Breathe! It doesn’t matter, does it? It is not important, and I must keep reminding myself that…

Another very cute thing that she does now: She is definitely a Daddy’s girl. Whenever she watches or we read a story, and the princess finds her prince, she declares: “Sy het haar papa gekry!” (She has found her daddy!) Even with some love scenes on the television!

Love this girl, our little princess!


  1. If the winter summer mixing bothers you, you could always put the clothes that are off season in a separate space or box (when she isn't watching). About clothes, I am pretty relaxed, my daughter can put on pretty much everything how she likes it, as log is she isn't hurting herself or someone else, and as long as it is (sort of) fit for the occasion. So sock over shoes, why not - as long as you have great washing skills.
    Maybe it's also time to take her shopping and have her pick her own clothes?

  2. She is so obviously a girly girl...and her royal highness can wrap her subjects around her little finger;-)

  3. Oh we had that phase too - it passes, to some extend only.


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