Monday, 11 March 2013

It's my birthday, and I can ignore it...

or I can embrace it!

Some years I try to ignore it, but this year I am trying to enjoy it!

I just have to get myself wrapped around the number 46.


The better part of 40. ;-)

I enjoyed Melinda's blog post today: I'm not rude. I'm 40!
Cheers to that!!

I had a weekend of get-togethers with friends and family.

Hubby had to make a favourite Portuguese Trinchado for my birthday on Saturday.

"Master Chef"

And tomorrow Hubby and me and the Little Missy is taking a day on my birthday!
We decided not to take her to school, so that we all could sleep in, and take it easy!

We are going to make it special!
Signing off for a day...


  1. If you can tell yourself that age is just a number then you can enjoy your birthday EVERY YEAR and not feel ashamed of your age. Just keep your heart young.

  2. Happy Birthday and have a wonderful day with your family. It's good to embrace your age and maybe I will give it a try when I am 46 but until then I will lie:)

  3. And a very happy birthday to you Karen. Glad you are ok with 46 :-) ( let me know how it goes when 50 rolls around. My experience is the lead up is worse than the actual day )

    Enjoy every aspect to YOUR day.


  4. Happy happy Bday my dear friend! Enjoy your day (and you know, I am not far behind you in this age thing)

  5. Hope you had a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! And enjoy your day off :-)

  6. Congratulations Karen...I hope you are having an amazing day.

  7. Happy happy birthday :)) I love my birthdays - even as I get older I still love them!


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