Monday, 25 March 2013

Camping the very best with children

Camping with the Toddler had its own challenges, but we are enjoying camping with our Little Missy so much more.

She opens her eyes in the morning, and announces she is going to play with her friends!
Which is just the next tent away.

When she was not playing with friends, she was in the swimming pool. Dad had his fare share of catching, and keeping her afloat! But she announced to each who looked her way that she can swim on her own!
I had an idea of how exhausting it is when I went with her for a swim in the warm water swimming pool..
Thanks, Dad!

No hands!

Look at me go!
YouTube video: Sliding and swimming

Ball playing with friends

Beestekraal Station fun

Beestekraal family photo
(The Student on her own holiday)

Friends still busy at night

Bushveld sunsets - always spectacular!

That was our long weekend of four days! Of course it still feels too short!

Hope you also had a great weekend?

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  1. Karen,
    I had very fond memories of camping when I was growing up.
    The discoveries we made on a daily basis, the freedom we had to run, the stories we scared ourselves silly with in those tents.
    Yeah, it's second to none.
    Glad she's enjoying :-)

  2. Camping is fun. When I go camping I turn 5 years old again. I get a little crazy in the nature.

  3. Camping does always look like such fun until I see the tent and then it looks like torture for me!!

    I really am a little baby sometimes *blush*

  4. Oh you know we have so much fun too! Would love to know where you camped - always looking for new places (email please?)

  5. We always went camping in a caravan when our kids were small. It was the very best holidays for all of us.


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