Friday, 15 March 2013

Even I can make sushi with an iPad #iStoreSA

The only relationship I want with food, is by eating it. That I love!

I hate am not fond of making food, unless on very special occasions. 
I did not enjoy previous team building sessions by my Hubby's work team where we were invited to prepare our own food at the End-of-Year function

But I was intrigued when I was invited to become a sushi expert with iStore and iPad. 
Because sushi is a favourite food, and because I love finding new applications with my iPad. Up until now I haven't look that much at the recipes and food applications on my iPad.

Master Chef  Mija Moto (sorry, not sure about the spelling) demonstrated the sushi app Teach me Sushi, which has step by step photo instructions, with a video demonstration added to that! 

We worked in pairs, and I was the "brain" who had to go and look at the hands-on demo of traditional Japanese sushi by the Master Chef, while my partner had to follow the same instructions on the iPad. 
She was also the one who put together our first sushi platter. (With my expert help, of course!)

Chef Karin at work!
It looks much easier than it is! The rice does not stay where it is supposed to, and the filling popped out of the sides, but we got some right! With only an hour and a half of instructions, and trying it ourselves, I don't think it looks too bad. It also tasted GOOD!

I think it is possible to become a Master Chef with an iPad!
(If you wanted to!)

The iStore supplied a whole list of recommended iPad apps in the kitchen:

- Epicurious (free)
- Allrecipes - Your Kitchen Inspiration (free)
- How to Cook Everything
- Vegetarian How to Cook Everything
- The Photo Cookbook
- Table for Two
- Jamie Oliver (free)
- Green Kitchen
- Teach me Sushi
- Grill It!
- Martha Stewart makes Cookies
- Divine Chocolate HD (free)
- Hello Cupcake (free)

Thank you, it was a great afternoon!

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