Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Free Collins Big Cat apps

Collins Big Cat apps 

I was alerted to the Collins Big Cat apps via Dizzy C's Little Book Blog.

I have downloaded only two at this stage, but I will definitely download the rest as well.
They are very cute and interactive stories, which can be enjoyed by a toddler, as well as school-going children when they start reading by themselves.

I especially love the option to create your own stories with your own voice.
We are having fun already making our own story creations.

"Developed in partnership with Shoo Fly, all  8 apps are free to download until September 2013, and not only support a love of reading but the development of creative writing skills too. 
They feature:
  • an animated, interactive version of the book
  • a record your own narration feature
  • a story creator tool - make your own book using characters, key vocabulary and 
    • backgrounds from the original story
  • support for parents to get the most out of the book."
iPad screen print
In the Garden
(photo courtesy of Collins)

The titles are:

Around the world

The steam train

It was a cold, dark night

My bike ride

In the garden

At the dump

Playing story 

The farmer's lunch

The apps are here: Collins Big Cat apps

The best! They are free until September of this year!!


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Karen.
    Glad you found them :)


  2. These look like fun. Following you on Network Blogs because you're local... and finding local bloggers is a lot tougher than it looks!


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