Monday, 18 March 2013

A quiet weekend... The best!

Puzzle building
We had a very quiet and relaxed weekend, without having to go somewhere, or to do anything!

Breakfast at Second Cup and photo taking
I am ordering some more of these this year!
Nothing that restores and gives so much peace than a bit of quiet family time!

The Little Missy spent a lot of time on her art works, and she came up with this all on her own.
She ordered me each time to take a photograph (where we usually have to beg for her to pose for a photo).

I added the second title. Maybe we have a budding artist in our midst?

Little Missy art 1
(Self-portrait: Reflection on love)
Little Missy art 2
(I had to write my name and her name on the paper)
(Self-portrait: Reflection on love)
Little Missy art 3
(Self-portrait: Reflection on love)
Happy Monday!

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