Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The older mother

Some mothers walk with the older-mother-chip on their shoulders.
“I am an older mother; therefore I know better!”

(We all know them! I have been amazed to hear the “wisdom”!)

We are strongly reminded when we are over 35 and when we want to get pregnant, or are pregnant, that there are problems up ahead! Our fertility and the health of our babies are at stake...

When we finally hold that baby in our arms, we know it is more than a miracle!

But from there it is my contention that being a mom does not change with your age!

We are all mothers, trying our utmost to do the parenting thing! Parenting has changed so much in just a few years! I am parenting my toddler totally different than I did with the first-born. We cannot say we know “better”, because there are new ways of doing the parenting thing! And our thoughts and ways are changing all the time.

And when you are a mom, no matter what age, you are expected to get down and “dirty”. Playing in sand, climbing the dunes, catching the toads, driving the truck (see photo)... Our children do not know the difference, and they do not give us off for being older!

I catch myself forgetting that I am an “older mother” most of the times!  I love having the opportunity again to be a mother, and to see life anew through innocent eyes!

We are the lucky ones! For being Mom! Period!

Do you feel different because you are an older mother?


  1. Excellent post. I am not an older mother (or a mother for that matter) but I find myself saying the same thing to our young moms from Teen Mom Support Group.

    Just because they are young does not make them any less of a mother! It's the same no matter how old you are!!

    I don't think age determines how easy or hard it will be. Your willingness to learn, trust yourself and do the best you can does!!


  2. Wow!!! Lovely post. Really enjoyed a lot while reading it. Thanks of sharing.

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  3. I am more tired than the first time around!! I find I am more relaxed about milestones and learning etc. But I do wish I had more energy to keep up with the little tyke! I really need to get fit.

  4. I'm not one of the 'older' mums (or at least, I don't think so!) BUT I agree with your sentiments exactly. It really doesn't matter what age YOU are, it's the child's age that dictates what needs doing! x


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