Sunday, 10 July 2011

A little bit of children's heaven in our part of the valley

We got a Papachinos just around the corner, and it looks like children's heaven multiplied with 5 or something.
They opened up this week, and already they are fully booked. We were just lucky to get a place for breakfast on Saturday!

The pictures tell the story!
The service was not great, but it is still early days...
What is a little bit of waiting when your child can occupy herself for hours on end?

Now, when does she leaves us at our table and run off on her own? (Wink smile!)


  1. OMG! We were looking for them this weekend Don't tell me one has opened closer than Frouways! Where? WHERE??? PLEEASE SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE!

  2. LOL On the West Rand, in Radiokop, very close to Clearwater Mall on Christiaan de Wet Road!
    26deg 06'47.08"S
    and 27deg 55'04.08"E

  3. Man I wish this place was closer to home!

  4. WOW that does look like loads of fun :)


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