Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Tuesday catch up

It is never boring when you have a toddler in the house! Forget about planning!

I was on my way to work yesterday... Toddler was dressed already in the dark, still sleeping! When she woke up with a scream, just when I was about to leave, we found her with eyes glued together! A dreadful eye infection!

So I spent an unplanned Monday at the doctor and watching "kindertjies" (children's programmes on tv)!
(Not a bad thing for a Monday...)

Today I am still trying to catch up and getting back to the week!

I hope your week started on a better note?

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  1. Bless her.

    Hope she is better very soon


  2. Hope she is better soon.

  3. Poor little mite. Ewan had that eye infection two weeks ago and then I got it. Trying to work with your eyes glued shut is great. I fell so bad for the little ones as they hate having their eyes swabed and really have no idea whats going on. Hope she gets better soon. Took Ewan about four days to be totally right.

  4. The winter and children's colds go hand-in-hand...hope she is on the way to recovery.



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