Sunday, 3 July 2011

Words you use daily with children in your life

Words that you do not think you would use that much! Words that would make us previously uncomfortable, now rolls with the easiest of ease from our tongues.

Words such as breast, or booby, or boob.

Poop, and pooh and pee.

Bum and bums.

Vagina! We even mention penis in our house a lot more, even though we are girls. We sometimes have to say: “You are a girl, because you have a vagina. Dad is a boy and he has a penis.”

Having children bring you back to the most basics of basics.
It is not supposed to be shied away from at all...
It is good to be back to basics!

Photo: Mieka with her five panties that I showed her today. She immediately pulled on all five, over the leotard she wanted to be dressed in for the day, and over her nappy.
(Potty training not happening very soon here, it seems...)

What words have you been using more often than you thought?


  1. is never the same again after children.

  2. Like you Karen, I had returned to grown up talk but i am back with toddler talk again :)

    The biggie is calling my partner Daddy even when we are on our own.

    The teens tell me I have one language for them and another for my toddler. I am bilingual! :)



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