Sunday, 24 July 2011

Taking a break & first ballet for the Toddler

A chilled weekend!

We had some friends over on Friday.
We should make more time to see our friends! That’s what we decide every time... We should not let the rat race and tiredness prevent us from meeting our friends and family o a regular basis. Even if it means scheduling it into our dairies weeks ahead!

The gymnastics started again after the holidays, and the Toddler enjoyed every minute! It seems everything they were taught the previous semester soaked in during the holidays!

We took the Toddler to her first ballet on Saturday. She sat mesmerized looking at Cinderella at the UJ Arts Center. There were a lot of keen girls with their parents, and a bit of a buzz on the balcony where we were sitting. The Toddler had her finger in front of her mouth, trying to shush them... She was immensely impressed and told us that she wants to dance like that!

Today was spent at home. We just chilled in the winter sun (which was really great today), and Hubby barbequed great chicken and vegetables!  (Master Chef was in the house again!) It was nice to do NOTHING, and some more of NOTHING!

The Toddler is struggling with a cold and a cough! Hubby took the day Friday to keep her at home. It was a first, because I usually stay at home. He said he enjoyed the bonding with her, and I came home to a tidied home, ready for the guests!  (He’s a Keeper!)

But Toddler is not yet better! I just hope that she is going to be well by tomorrow when we want to go to work again. What are the odds? (Don’t tell me!)

And she’s not sleeping yet... It’s half past nine on a Sunday night!


  1. I see some ballet lessons in the future

  2. She looks so cute in her "gym wear". Kinders wat in dagsorg is, is alewig siek...ek dink hulle steek mekaar aan...en die siklus gaan net aan en aan. My drietjies het altyd nat neusies.


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