Thursday, 7 July 2011

Hair bow and a beanie for the Princess

I won hair bows and a beanie on Tanya Kovarsky's blog Dear Max! It is the super cute products from Sweet 'n Sassy Bows.

It looks great adorable super super cute in the Toddler's hair!

She was so excited when I gave her the "present".
"You bought it for me, Mom?" (Jy my koop spesiaal?)
"Yes, I bought it for YOU!" (It impresses the Toddler tremendously when we buy stuff for her. I scored a lot of points with my daughter last night! ;-) )
First photo: Mieka with all the hair bows stuck in the beanie. Even the flower is a bow, which can be swopped to give the beanie a new look, or the bows can be worn on its own in the hair.  
"Every Princess needs a hair bow!" You are right!

Thanks Tanya, Living and Loving and Sweet 'n Sassy Bows!


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