Thursday, 28 July 2011

Challenge: Breastfeeding story in 100 words

I picked up this challenge at Authentic Parenting, which is done by Amber from Nourish.

Amber believes that society does not allow us to be open about breastfeeding and that we often have to walk this road alone. By sharing our stories, it becomes a collective story which empowers us all!

Stories can be submitted until 1 September.

100 words about my journey as a breastfeeding mother

I could breastfeed my first child for four months, but she did not want to take a bottle at the day mother when I had to return to work! We tried all the tricks in the book!
I had to wean her, and it was 36 hours of total trauma to us both!
15 years later I had my second child, and set small goals to myself. Six months turned into one year, turning into nearly three years now! My toddler still seeks the comfort and nourishment and I am grateful for the most precious times with her!


  1. Good going for you for 3 years! <y Princess weaned herself at 9 months - I was heart broken. The boys I had to stop at a year due to an infection and anti biotics, but I do not think I would have gone much longer in any event.

  2. hey there! you won the Luna Lunera giveaway, but I don't have your email address, can you mail her?

  3. You deserve all the awards out there...a very good mamma:-)



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