Monday, 28 March 2011

Off she goes...

The Teen is on a French Tour since Friday evening! I have had one sms from her since then! I presume she is having the best time of her life!

The rest I had some information from another mother... They had missed their connecting flight, but apparently that was not something big to complain about...

I had to wipe a few tears on Friday, to which the Teen was very surprised! Even the Toddler had a crying fit when she realised the Teen was leaving... For real! But The Teen was all smiles!

When I told The Teen that I am not going to sms her every day, because of the cost involved...What did she say. "Please not! Heaven forbid!"

*sigh* I am getting a mini exercise in how it feels when they go off into the big wide world?
It seems my job is done!
The French students on Friday at the airport
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  1. And there she is - out into the big wide world! Hope she has a heap of fun. And you survive.

  2. Ahhh to be young and fearless :-)
    She's going to have an amazing time, Mom!

    Trust that when she's out in this world, she will always rely on the base she got from her very loving family.
    The knowing of right from wrong..
    It's the hurts we can't fix. sigh.

    BUT that's neither here nor there for now. :-)

  3. Let me go wipe my tears as well! LOL! They grow up so fast. Enjoy her while she's still living at home. I know my mom struggles with me living so far away and who knows what lies ahead for the teen!

  4. Not quite yet! Your work is not done...and you are going to find out that they will ALWAYS need you:-) I am sure she is having the time of her life.

  5. I love that first picture. She looks so excited about her adventure. Hope it's a wonderful experience.


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