Sunday, 15 January 2012

A weekend of opposites

- We had to say goodbye to our student who was bouncing ball of readiness for her new life at varsity.

- The same day we had to encourage her to not see it "as the end of the world"!
   (Orientation, which includes initiation practices, are very much alive at university!)

- I had to suppress a few tears. My daughter is finally moving on!

- I had to smile at her exuberance!

- I am feeling a bit apprehensive and sorry for her, wondering if she would be able to cope with the verbal abuse?

- She got a warning for not remembering a senior's name! Three warnings gets you kicked out... Which made her very upset!

- We are saying that it's all bluff (and had a secret smile about it)!

- I am so excited about her being able to study and enter a new phase.

- My daughter don't know if she will be able to cope with the next three weeks!

- I told her that she would definitely be able to cope with it. She is very strong.
She "survived" her dad with his emotional games! She can do it!

I don't understand why you have to "break" someone to build them up again?
I also hated initiation in my days at varsity, but I thought it was a thing of the past?

You will be okay, my girl! I know you will!

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  1. Just be there for her when/if she needs it :)

  2. I did not realize that it was that bad any more? Well, here we are on the brink of grade 1.

  3. All best wishes for your daughter's new adventures and a hug for mum xx


  4. Its another milestone!! A hard one - she will be ok though.

    The initiation at Maritzburg Varsity was "get as drunk as you can as often as you can"

    Hugs to you both!


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