Friday, 20 January 2012

Missing the little face

The working mother's lament...

It is worse now, because Hubby drops her off at the school in the mornings!

It helps getting me to work earlier... (Helps with juggling all the "balls")

But she still sleeps when we put her in the car in the mornings!

Now I can't wait to pick her in the afternoons!

This week has been long enough!

Friday, you are just in time!


  1. I bet she cant wait to have you to herself either on Saturdays :)

  2. My little boy just started kindergarten two weeks ago. I know he had a nanny doing the day but as a work from home Mom I could always hear him laughing and playing. I miss that now so much. I count the hours till I can fetch him. I miss that little laugh and his sweet face so much now. This morning he was crying about not wanting to go to school as he got into my husbands car. Heartbreaking. Hope you had a lovely weekend with her:)


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