Friday, 27 January 2012

Practising the finger!

If you see me walking around while throwing the Finger...

Please don't be offended!

I desperately wanted to throw the finger in traffic today!
A person of the female species hooted behind me!
Because I slacked down for a car to pass...

I could not get my left hand to go up fast enough in the middle finger to show her how I felt about it, and all she saw was a hand waving with all fingers...

I need to practise for next time!
(Not very Zen, I know! I don't care!)

The traffic that we have now in Johannesburg is not for sissies!

I need appropiate traffic communication skills mastered!
Sometimes you need the Finger!


  1. I often have to go to Joburg for work or to visit friends and I admire anyone who lives there. Five seconds into Joburg traffic and I can feel the road rage starting. Get some practise going with that finger. You need to get the stress out.

  2. I feel you! I am surprised my middle finger isn't permanently upright. The term "Road Rage" was coined for me! (Though I haven't started chasing people down.....yet.)

  3. I had a good little giggle at this. My DD is very quick with the middle finger when we drive.


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