Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Varsity, here I come!

Benji, the dog, with "tertiary aspirations"?
The student in our midst is like a wound-up jack-in-the-box!
I took a day's leave to sort out her list of things-to-buy... (Ouch!)

I bullied this short piece out of her. (Thanks, girl!)
It is great to see so much excitement about starting a new chapter in her life.

I am done with my school career and now my new chapter starts!

I am going to study BA Communication. It has everything to do with journalism to radio personalities to diplomats, you name it!

I want to do book editing when I’m done studying, but I’m also considering journalism.

I have written for my school newspaper and I enjoyed it so much! I’m also gonna try and write for the university newspaper.

I am in the residence which I fell in love with. 
My roommate looks like a very nice girl. She also plays netball and does track running.   
The colour of our residence is red and black, which I think is super awesome!! Colours like brown, orange and yellow is a NO GO, when it comes to uniform. I had those three colours as my primary school uniform...very bad!!

University is going to be very fun, but also a lot of work.

I will make a success of this! 

Wish me luck!


  1. We wish you more than luck, a blessed and happy and joyous time being a student! Enjoy each moment and treasure the friends you make at uni as you keep them for life. Work hard and play hard! ;-)

    Have fun!!!

  2. That is such a cute photo;-)

    Wishing your daughter the best with this new phase in her life.

  3. She is going to have the best time :)

    I am doing the exact same degree through UNISA :)


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