Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A Pirate Party at Ennis

We were invited to a Pirate Party at our local Ennis Garden Centre in Honeydew.
I was not even aware that they had a play area for the kids, but I have found my second best place to go with kids...

(Papachinos is still a firm favourite as our little bit of children's heaven!)

But Ennis will definitely come in handy if you get tired for waiting in queues (as you do at Papachinos), or of too much of shrill voices... Because it is smaller and quaint!

There was a happy pirate birthday boy!

And a pirate ship birthday cake!

With loads of "treasures"

Aye! It was a mighty fine party for this Beauty!

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  1. It looks amazing...and I am sure the little ones had much fun.


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