Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Tips picked up while camping with a toddler

We went camping for a week during the December holidays. With The Toddler!

There are some tips I have mentally jotted down for myself to remember for next time... I was actually saying that I do not want to go camping very soon, but I looked through our photos again tonight...

I can do it again!

Tips for camping with a toddler:

1. When the first rain drops start to fall, run to the toilets. You may not get another chance for a very long time...

2. Make sure that your tents are not pitched down-hill. Our poor neighbours had a night of horror when all the water flowed into their tent.

3. Use a backpack for the toddler for hiking while it is still possible to carry them. It makes it a lot easier, although it can become quite heavy. We shared the burden (see photo above).

4. Wear the correct shoes at least, and don't forgot the sunscreen. I was amazed to see parents going on a hike with their children while they were running barefoot.

5. Don't pack too many outfits for the toddler. Waste of space... Our toddler kept on wearing her favourite outfits, again and again!

6. Don't sweat the small stuff! Chill!

7. Our toddler does not want to shower! It does not help to try and force it! I heard afterwards of someone making a suggestion of putting a basin on the bottom of the shower and filling it up. (Why did I not think of it?) Swimming also helps!

8. Try not to force the insect issue. The Toddler freaks out when she notices any bugs.
There are a few meanies out there! This spider was working down his catch of the day!

9. Remember to pack some toys, but not too much! Colouring books and stickers went a very long way!

10. Take time to spend in nature with a toddler. Our daughter gets excited now every time she sees a mountain on television. I think we have inspired a mountain climbing spirit in her ;-)

11. Encourage toddlers to make friends with the neighbours. It keeps them busy, and give the parents some breaks. They also teach each other about sharing. Our English neighbour can now say in Afrikaans: "Dit is my beurt" (It is my turn!)

12. The last point as seen on Pinterest: I call it my camping mantra:
"Keep calm and camp on"

Any other tips for making camping a little bit easier?


  1. Wow...I love these tips for parents with little ones and the idea of not sweating the small stuff....the toddler's favourite outfit is so cute nobody would blame her for wearing it over and over again.


  2. Oh I love camping with ours and truly every year is easier - we were so amazed about how much easier this year was. Did you ever read my post about camping with kids?

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