Thursday, 26 January 2012

Da Engleesh

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English is my second language.

I get it wrong and twisted and confuse my “is”-s and my “are”-s, and sometimes I put the I before the other person.

I forget who is my “cousin” is, and who is my “niece”!

Please be kind.

I don’t mind if you tell me I have made a grammar or spelling mistake!

I wants to use the big words, but Da Engleesh fails me!

This little bloggy are having a fail-English-day!

(Please tell I it is totally allowed?)

Accept my sincere apologies if I have offended your English language masterfulness!

Tomorrow I promise I will be better!


  1. Love it. I have total Afrikaans fails sometimes as its my second language but I live in the very Afrikaans town of Vryheid. So please excuse my Afrikaans and don't hate me when I answer in English by mistake:)

  2. I would never have known that English is your second language. To write as vividly as you do in another language is just amazing.I can only speak one and that's just not good enough! x

  3. Thanks Maxabella!! Coming from YOU it is a big compliment :D

  4. Your writing is beautiful...all of us gets our grammar mixed up sometimes...even the English speaking bloggers have wrong grammar at be kind to yourself...okay?


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