Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Orientation seems a lot like initiation

I would have been mad from anger and bitterness if they had phoned me from university to tell me that my child had died at university. Even before he had started with his studies...

They call it orientation, but the same old practices that we had been subjected to, are still being practised in higher institutions!

I thought we had moved on?
Apparently not!

The same barbaric rituals of name-calling, uniforming and belittling takes place again.

I don't know how it is possible for a student to die in a swimming pool where there were 3000 people and nobody saw hom dying? Nobody missed him until later...

But I do know that it is practices of initiation that makes them shy to come forward to be picked upon.
Would he have said that he could not swim?
And then face some dire consequences?

I have always seen the people that do the initiation practices as going on power trips, as well as having insecurity issues!
I my days I could not stand any of the responsible people of the House Committee who screamed at us, and made us afraid to move around...

My own daughter was still afraid on Sunday to move on her own floor in her residence in case she has to face a HC member... A week after the "orientation" started!

They are starting a new life, in new surroundings, and without their family members.
The trauma is increased exponentially when as soon as the parents leave they are being subjected to all sorts of rituals...

I am just venting!

Yes, sure! We had to go through it!
But is it really necessary?

I think it is barbaric and a sign of a lower evolved species!
When are we going to wake up and treat our fellow human beings with respect?
Even those who are younger and less experienced than us?

My thoughts go to the parents who have lost their child!
It seems we are still "dying for an education" here in South Africa!

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  1. Its horrible that this still exists. I went to UPE about ten years ago and initiation was already gone there but a number of my friends went to UFS and Potch and they suffered horribly. I think its up to the institution to end this babaric practise. I was an exchange student to Oz and I attended what they call Freshers week at Flinders University. It was all great fun and no humilation. Lots of big parties, dressing up and a race around the university. It was fun and I wish they could encourage something similar here. The humilation is pointless and terrifying. I hope your daughter gets through all this without problems.

  2. Oh how sad for that family!! It doesnt seem to be such a big part of Uni life here...maybe as there is no so much on campus accomdation? I dont recall anything like that when I went to Uni and I was the counrty chick in the Big city...so out of place for such along time. Positive vibes to your girl xx

  3. I was thinking about your daughter last night and wondering how she was doing.

    I honestly can not see the point of it. Why not make it a fun time and not a fearful time.

    This too shall pass and she will be loving life there soon :)


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