Monday, 2 January 2012

3-year old toddlers are...

... more difficult than two-year old toddlers;
... throwing the most terrible tantrums (Terrible Two's got nothing on this!)
... challenging;
... opinionated;
... knows better than us;...

You would think that I a talking about my daughter of 18, but No!
The Toddler is really giving us a hard time!

Maybe it is just the age?
Maybe it is her personality coming through?

Maybe she just needs the stimulation of school? (She is starting at her new school on Thursday! Can't be soon enough!)

And we are struggling with getting her to sleep at night. She is still awake! After a sleep drive, and her dad and me taking turns in bed with her. It s 10:30 pm and she is wide awake...(The effects of the holiday, I know!)

We are back at work tomorrow!

Send in the reinforcements! Please!

I want to make blog posts about my New Year resolutions, and I even want to take a look back at 2011...
As soon as I get some time!

Tell me it is not only our 3-year old who is giving us more grey hair?.

(Photo: Elise du Toit Photography)


  1. Dear Karen,
    We're struggling with our two-year-old at the moment, especialle sleepwise (which is the worst!). For a few months now, he won't nap during the day at all anymore. Just when I got to grips with that, he didn't want to go to bed at night. So we let him fall asleep with us in our bed and then put him in his own bed. But he also wakes up during the night or veeeeery early in the morning, screaming. So we put him in our bed again. Luckily he falls asleep fairly quick than, so far so good.
    Hope both of our toddlers stop giving us a hard time. Flyn just turned 2, so stormy weather ahead I guess!
    Hugs (maybe they help:-)

  2. I also found 3 extremely challenging. Yeah for 4!


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