Friday, 11 November 2011

Best time of the year

Jacarandas & Johannesburg city in the distance
The sun is blazing here each day! It is hot hot HOT, and I love it! It is truly summer here!
You can give me hot any time. I don't like winter and grey and cold!

Driving to work each day, I am confronted by the Jacarandas in full bloom each day.
Johannesburg is lovely this time of the year!

December and Christmas is around the corner, and we are beginning to look forward to holidays.
The plans have been made for lots of get-togethers and parties and family gatherings!
(I am even contemplating a small party for the Toddler on her birthday...)

My brother is going to visit us from America. We can't wait to see him again!

We spend each evening outside. Watching the sun set!

The Toddler plays ball, and we - mostly Dad and me, because her sister is learning for the final exams - has to play along!

Especially her most recent games of make-believe.
Her favourite is going to Kyle's party now!
She "fasten" our seat-belts and "drives" us to his party, where we "do" all the fun  party stuff, such as "eating" cake, and "jumping" on the jumping-castle.

One of the "games" she plays outside:
Exercising, but getting very upset that the dogs take up her exercise mat space...

Do you like this time of the year? If not, why not?

I am grateful for the best time of the year. Linking up with Maxabella's
"I'm grateful for..."


  1. I love this time of the year. Beach and braai weather is the best time of the whole year. Wish I could spend time outside but we have lived in this house for 8 years now and the garden is still a disaster that gets me angry if I spend too much time in it. So I leave the outdoors time for holidays:)
    Ewan is also very into the whole exercising thing at the moment. So sweet watching him do "push-ups". Love the pic.

  2. I LOVE this time ...I'm a total sucker for Christmas. All the lights and decorations in the shops... Magic!
    And looking forward to our annual beach holiday...divine!

  3. We were pushed back into winter again this week with temperatures around 18 degrees....but I love the longer days and I love evenings (when the wind isn't howling;-)


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