Thursday, 4 November 2010

Working my ass off in this house!

Hubby exclaimed last night: “I am working my ass off in this house!”

I had to hide my smile. Yes, that is how we all feel one time or another! You work during the day, and then you come home, and you work even harder. Welcome to real life! (Evil smile)

Welcome to how women / wives / mothers feel most of the time!

It is a very far stretch from when Hubby reminisced about his single life where he flopped down in a chair with a coke and take away. And that was it for the day!

Now we are a family. Dinner needs to be made. The kitchen needs to be cleaned. Washing needs to be done, especially after a weekend of camping where we could not do the normal weekend washing... The children need attention and whatever else!

I have said time and again that I have a wonderful Hubby, my Millennium Man. He really does his share in the house! I could not have done it without him. (No, actually I can! Because it was only me and the teen for a couple of years after the divorce...)

But nowadays we expect some more from both of the sexes. I don’t think it is only us?
Hubby wants me to work. (Financially it is also not possible for me to stay at home. We need the second salary.) He grew up in a house where his mother was a SAHM (Stay-at-home-mum). She used to give his dad and the children a lot of grief, and Hubby believes it is because she had nothing to occupy her than thinking up a lot of SH*T. And taking it out on them!

I expect my husband to do his fair share around the house. When I am working a full day, I also want him to help out with the normal household duties. That is onlcamping weekeny fair. I remember how angry I used to get when my dad got home at night, and expected to sit down to a dinner which my working mother had to conjure up. In his favour: he always helped with the washing of the dishes!

Nowadays it is 50-50!(Powerwoman expects nothing less!)

How does it work in your households?

Photo: Dries preparing food at our camping weekend.


  1. I So agree...getting home late in the afternoon and still having to cook is not fun. I would love to just crash when I get home...but there is no rest for the wicked;-D

  2. We share a lot of work, but the fact that he works in Midrand and overtime a lot does bother the equation a lot.

  3. We both play to our strengths. I cook, he cleans up. I do laundry; he reads to the kids. I honestly think I wouldn't want him doing the laundry, if you know what I mean!

  4. I know what you mean, GratefulTwinMom ;-)

  5. Same over here. We have a nice rhythm going in the house. I cook; he cleans; he packs the dishwasher; I do the laundry; he is the fun loving spirit having tons of fun playing hide and seek with the kids; where I am more the nurturing spirit who teaches them right from wrong. I think we are the ying and yang and together we are a formidable team! We need both and our kids need both of us!

  6. We have the same sort of thing in our house, and I'm a stay-at-home mom! The deal is that my working day starts when his does, and ends when his does, and anything that happens before and after those hours is split between us. So I give baby his dinner, husband baths him while I make a bottle and start our dinner, husband puts him to bed while I finish cooking. Husband washes dishes, I pack them away in the morning etc.

    It's bloody hard work being at home and subject to the moods and demands of a little person all day long, I often envy working moms!!

  7. I totally agree with you, Tammy! It is hard work.
    Sometimes we are "lucky" to drop the little ones off. But it is not something that I prefer!
    When I sometimes stay at home with Mieka when she is sick, I see that the day go by way too quickly, and that it feels that I have done "nothing".
    I envey you SAHM. ;-)


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