Thursday, 11 November 2010

I want to fire the day care!

This is how the toddler looked when I went to fetch her at day care yesterday afternoon.

I did not immediately see the scratch mark (MARK) on her cheek. She had a small graze on her cheek from before, and she has been telling us it is the “gogga” (insect). It is also because she got mosquito bites the week before, and she has been “blaming” insects for all her "ouch"-ees.

Two of the day care people immediately came over to tell me about the scratch. I first said it was okay, because I thought we were talking about the little graze... Apparently the toddler was climbing a tree, and fell out!  ?? We did not even think she would be able to climb a tree. And where were the people that were supposed to be looking after them?

But the scratch mark is huge! Now we don’t think it is okay at all! Dries said he will talk to them today. To make them understand that we think it is NOT OKAY!

We know that toddlers are prone to accidents, but we HATE the idea that it happened where somebody else was supposed to watch.

Should I fire the day care? (I must confess that I get the urge on a very regular basis.)

(The working mother conundrum again...)


  1. That is not OKAY! It reminds me about the day I picked up my son and they said he "hurt" his arm when he fell off the jungle gym. That night he could not sleep...turned out the bone in his arm was cracked. I also always wondered where were the "care" we paid for.

  2. That looks nasty, Karen!

    I'm in two minds about this. You saying you "get the urge on a regular basis" to "fire" them suggests that this incident isn't isolated. For that reason, I'd be looking for alternative care.

    On the other hand, accidents can and do happen, even when someone is diligently watching. I know my own children have taken some tumbles on my watch - things happen really quickly and that's just the way it is.

    Glad your daughter is okay. x

  3. I get the urge as well because it is still not easy to leave her at day care! Can they really look as well after our kids?

    Dries phoned them, and now the story is she tripped over paving and scratched herself on a branch! (?)
    There is a big difference, me thinks!

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  5. My first reaction was "OUCH! that's nasty!"

    Now reading your reply that daycare have changed the story about how it happened and have reduced it down from a fall from a tree to a trip and scratch from a branch, I would be very concerned!

    These people are caring for your child and should be honest at all times.


  6. Wow! That's a terrible scratch. I think talking to them is your first form of action, but looking for alternative day care(if this is not an isolated incident) is probably a good idea.

  7. I don't like the fact that they changed the story. What are they trying to hide? I would be looking for alternate care just because of that! I would not trust them to tell me the truth again!

    I also strongly belief in what your gut feeling tells you! You brought this concern up several times.


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