Sunday, 28 November 2010

The Red Beardy Man and a crying toddler

A year later, and the toddlers enjoy looking at Father Christmas from afar! Try putting them on his lap, and not one of the two year olds were impressed. Mieka kicked her legs and gave her shriek at the day care's Christmas Tree on Friday.
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It's totally okay! We don't want our kids sitting on the laps of strange looking old men, do we?

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  1. Your daughter is so brave to take the toddler so close to Santa! LOL! Oh, my Fudge was screaming bloody murder when she saw Santa at 2 years of age and at almost 4 years of age she practically ran him over!

  2. That's so funny, Karen. T2 wouldn't even go see Father Christmas until she was 6. I think it's totally okay for the toddler to not want to go there.

  3. LOL! I don't know if you can trust men in red with long beards. I haven't come across a toddler that "likes" Father Christmas.


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