Sunday, 14 November 2010

The toddler’s first meeting with her uncle

We saw my brother two years ago, just before the toddler was born. He has never met the toddler. He is now living in London and we keep in contact through IM mostly. Our family lives on different continents, with my sister and her husband also being far away in London.

It is not and never will be same to have your family staying so far from you. Although we have all the electronic means to be in contact constantly, it does not equate to the real thing. To be in each other’s company still is something that I think we value not enough. Until we have to talk across thousands of kilometres...

My brother was worried that the toddler would be shy of him, or that she would not respond to him. She does not know him at all.

But luckily his fears were unfounded. Mieka liked him immediately and enjoyed his company. We had such a great weekend with my brother.

Mieka says his name Wynand, pronounced as “Mytand”. Translated from Afrikaans it means ‘my tooth”. We have been asking her countless times to say it. Because it is so very funny!

We have seen before that she likes certain people and responds to them with a very easy acceptance. Maybe it is true that the little ones have an inherent ability to detect the true nature of a person? What do you think?

In any case, the toddler enjoyed his company and we had a lovely time. We had lunch again today at Silverstar Casino with the music water fountain show. In December last year Mieka was crying when the musical water fountain played. Today she was also frightened, but at the end of our visit she was enjoying it!


  1. Children definitely have a very finely tuned BS detector! They can tell a good soul in an instant.

    When I saw the top photo I thought "oh no, the meeting didn't go well" as the look of "WTF?" on her face is priceless.

    Loving that you are together with your brother after 2 long years. Enjoy!!! x

  2. Oh I know how it feels to have family far away. Makes me so sad.

    So glad you got to spend time with your family.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog aswell :-)

  3. I agree that kids feel who are friendly but also that they have immediate connections with family.

    I hve also found that for kids, skype is fantastic. One of my BFF have been living in Canada for years, and met the boys for the first time last year. They immediately ran to her, called her name etc, because they "Know" her from skype.

  4. I think kids can "tell" family or feel some sort of connection. Not sure how. They can also tell good people (animals also seem to be able to do that).

    Glad the meeting went well.

  5. I am pretty sure little ones have a special instinct with grown ups. They seem to know who they can trust. It must be so sad to have your family living so far away...I don't know if I would be able to adapt to that.


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