Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The toddler and friends

Mieka & Tamia
The toddler had a playmate over the camping weekend. The girl is a year older than she is, but they had a very good “understanding”. The older friend was giving the orders, and for the most part Mieka was willingly playing along. Being in awe of the older girl... We just had to keep an eye on them when the “Mine”-mode kicked in.

I suspect it is the day care that helps with the toddler’s socialising. I found her this afternoon playing with a fellow class mate, running around a pole! I think she has very good socialising skills for her age. (We don’t mention the hitting and biting that the day care sometimes complains about... That will get sorted! Wink smile)

On the way home she told us about “Meya” (Meyer), a boy in her class.
 It is “babble, babble Meya, chuck, chuck!”
I have no idea what it means. But apparently Meyer plays a big part in her day. The teen and I had a good laugh, because when we suggested some names of other children, she got very upset.
“Meya! Meya!” Nee! (No!)

Margot at joumaseblerrieblog struggles with her Felix who is about a month older than Mieka. He struggles in social situations. Maybe it is personality, but maybe it is also because he stays at home. (I tell myself!)

Sometimes there is blessing in things you don’t have that much of a say. I would have loved to stay at home. But would Mieka have been exposed to other children as much, and would she have been as socially well-adjusted that she is now? I definitely think she is better off because she is in day care!

Being a working mother sometimes has extra blessings for the children... (Sigh of relief! We have to tell ourselves these things, don’t we?)


  1. I do think contact with other children help, but I am of course in the rather special situation to observe two souls of the same age, sex and situation and I can tell you that personality also plays a huge role.

  2. Yup it has a lot to do with personality. Daycare teaches them a lot of skills and I know a lot of women who stay at home and still send their little ones to daycare.

  3. I agree with you as a working mom, but I also agree with Cat (above). Sometimes some kids are pretty outgoing. I find, too, that sometimes my daughter's outlandish love for everyone is sometimes met with much drama. Not everyone wants to be hugged as much as she wants to hug them.


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