Monday, 29 November 2010

Movie Clip Monday #2 - Tiny gymnastics end-of-year fun

The toddler had her end-of year function with the tiny gymnastics (Tiny Tumbles). They had access to an entire hall of gymnastics equipment and toys! It was the best of fun ever!

I am linking up with MumDrum again with her Movie Clip Monday initiative. In the clip Mieka runs from one end of the trampoline to the other. She bumps into other toddlers, but gets up after the small altercation to carry on...


  1. Oh so sweet! She is going to cherish these little videos as she grows up.

  2. Ahh! That is so sweet! Love her giggling. Super cute.

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  4. i've nogal been meaning to ask you for a while already about this gymnastics place. sumayah is only going to school in 2012 so i was thinking of putting her into somwthing like this next year cos she's super active and social child. looks like great fun! will follow the link you posted thnx!


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