Sunday, 7 November 2010

Weekend update

Our weekend started with such a great Bang:
The teen’s passport application was accepted on Friday at Home Affairs. Without the presence and signature of the dad... The teen and me submitted affidavits with it, and told our sad story again. We had to retake the passport photos again, because the set we had was with red eyes. Not acceptable at Home Affairs. But that was it! (I was not that optimistic when we went there that they would accept it. And the affidavits were not used in the end. But I am sure it made a difference.) Passport headaches sorted...

Now the French tour is more of a reality. The teen bought her own camera with her own pocket money. The camera is for the French tour, of course.

(The photo of Mieka was taken by her today.)

We had a glorious weekend of sun and family and swimming!
Mieka with her niece and nephew yesterday

I have a new “toy” as well, a Blackberry! Great fun! It kept me very occupied this weekend. I think I am irritating Hubby already... I was told to put it away for a while. (Wink smile)

 Have a great Monday!
What is going to happen this week in your life?


  1. Glad the passport is thru - yippee! I'm about to apply for my British one - so fingers crossed mine goes well.

    Cute pic of Miss Hello Kitty!

  2. Looks like a great weekend.


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