Monday, 1 November 2010

Ring around the sun today

Ring around the sun -
photo taken in Auckland Park
The teen phoned me during her lunch break at school today.
“Ma, check out sun today! It’s got a ring around it! It’s caused by ice crystals and the clouds.”

I had to run out, and got a picture as well on my cell phone of the ring around the sun.

Her excitement about a natural phenomenon made me think about how we should get more excited about stuff like this! The more we as parents get excited about our natural world, the more we will inspire our children as well!

I love it! The teen thought of her mother to call to share in her wonderment!

In earlier times we could have thought it was the end of the world! Or aliens landing! (Wink smile)

Now we know it is a natural phenomenon, and we can appreciate it for all its natural beauty!

My Monday started bad with lots of traffic headaches. Especially after a great camping weekend! But the ring around the sun lifted my mood. It somehow connected me with the earth again.

How is your Monday?


  1. We call them Sun-Dogs. Very pretty sight :-)

  2. Thanks, Jamie. I have added it to the labels :D

  3. It was so beautiful! You so right we need to appreciate these miracle wonders of nature and life!

  4. That is an amazing phenomenon and how special that your teen wanted to share it with you.

  5. Beautiful. I too love that she thought to call you to share it. That's so sweet!


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