Sunday, 31 October 2010

Camping - we should do it more often

Eastco Holiday Resort
Camping. It is a lot of hard work. A lot of preparations. And a lot of effort to get the campsite in a live able environment. To only take it down two days later when you camp over a weekend...

But we said again that we should do it more often. It is a necessity to get out more in nature. Especially for us city dwellers.

The toddler enjoyed it enormously. Ten months back when we went camping with her, it was a struggle because she wanted to be entertained and held the whole time. But now she enjoyed the tent, and walking, and playing with friends, and swimming, and looking at the ponies...

Sleeping was a breeze. The toddler was exhausted after all the excitement of the days, and we did not struggle at all during the night. Dries and I struggled with mattresses, and blankets, and the heat... But what is camping when you can’t complain of something the next day? (Sarcastic smile!)

The teen does not share our enthusiasm for camping. I can’t blame her. When I was her age, I also did not like the idea of camping. I now call her the “reluctant camper”! 

The weather played along. I was worried on Friday about rain, but we had sunshine and blue skies!

Aaahhh! If only we could stretch the weekend a bit longer....


  1. Oh fabulous! We have not yet gone camping with the kids, but might do it next year. They are much more self-sufficient and great little "helpers" at this age.

  2. So glad it turned out great. Nothing quite like being close to nature.


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