Tuesday, 12 October 2010

One year of young teen love

The teen and her boyfriend celebrated their one year anniversary on Sunday. A year ago I was worried about the teen being in love. They proved me wrong. I should not have been worried!

One year for young love at seventeen is not bad!

The teen spent a lot of planning and thought around the day. Lots of thought went into the present as well. Chocolates and nuts and some sweet smelling stuff! She also spent a lot of time working on the card!
They had their own private picnic with Woollies goodies.

 She was super excited about the present she got back; a large fluffy dog! Aaahhh, love!
The best time of your life!

We like the boyfriend as well. It seems he treats her exceptionally well! She/we does not expect anything less! I know she is able to look after herself, and to set her own boundaries.

There is nothing more than any parent can hope for! Happy children!

(Photo: The teen and her boyfriend on her birthday in July)


  1. She is such a beautiful girl!

  2. Hi, it's been an enjoyable visit to your blog!

    Following you from Follow Friday 40 and Over.

    Have a healthy day!


  3. Baie geluk aan die 2'tjies!

  4. Wow, not often you hear that of teens! Wonderful job, Mom! And congrats to the lovebirds!


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