Thursday, 14 October 2010

Creature of habit

The toddler is a creature of habit. She learns to do something, and she wants to do it the same way again and again.

The sleep routine is one of the most important for us if we want an uneventful evening. Of course, also if we want some SLEEP!

Sleep routine:
Bath time is at 7pm. When we announce bath-time, she says “bye” and starts climbing the stairs. I have learnt not to say anything about bathing when I am not ready. Or there is drama!
We undress her in her room, and she wants to take her dirty clothes herself to the washing basket. She has to throw in the clothes herself. Every-time!
She helps with putting on the cream we wash her with. 
She plays with the boats and other toys.
She “brushes” her teeth.
I have to dry her while she lies on her stomach and I rub her back in massage-like movements. Whenever I try to dry her while holding her on my lap, she complains.
Sleep at 8pm. When we announce bed-time, she immediately starts to say goodnight. Dad AND the dog gets kisses and a hug as well.
We “read” two books which she has selected, and she closes it herself. “Klaar!” is her declaration that she has finished reading.
She breastfeeds until she falls asleep!
As long as we keep to the “recipe” of 1-2-3 all is well in Toddlerville!

Other quirky habits:
- The toddler drinks her bottle while lying in her doughnut. The doughnut is the doughnut shaped floor mattress which has lost most of its sponges and does not look as “healthy” as it once was. But the toddler wants to drink her bottle in the thing. Every-time!

- Whenever she sees any one of us near the kitchen zinc she wants to help “wash” the dishes. We have to explain time and again every night we are not washing dishes right that moment... Until we wash it, and she happily “helps” us by pouring water from the tap into bottles until it overflows.
Habits are a very important part of how the toddler takes control of her life! We have to smile at some of the habits she insists on doing every time! I love the way we all accommodate these little behaviours. It is sooo precious!


  1. Just show how important boundaries are for kids! Awesome.

  2. It is wonderful to have her in such a good routine and that she doesn't fight it. You are a good mamma!

  3. Klink vir my na 'n baie soet dogtertjie!!


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