Sunday, 10 October 2010

Pooh made us leave

Did you ever forget something for the little one and had to leave?

I checked the toddler’s bag this morning.
Clothes. Check.
Food. Check.
Bottles. Check.
Toys. Check.
Wet wipes. Check.
Plastic bags. Check.
Tissues. Check.

Ready for church! We were just settled in when we smelt the recognizable pooh. Dries undertook the “very desirable” job of changing the nappy. (Great Hubby here!)

Luckily I saw my phone vibrate a minute later...
“Pregnant silence...” (My first thought was that his phone was calling me on its own. These touch-screen phones of nowadays!)
“There are no nappies in the bag!”
What to do? We had to go home!

Why did you have to leave?

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  1. LOL! remembered everything except the nappies;-D


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