Sunday, 24 October 2010

The toddler's first concert

The toddler was on stage in her first concert on Saturday. The day care is busy with their yearly concert shows.

It is very cute watching the little ones. We were focused on our toddler, as were the other parents on theirs...  But all the children are a pleasure to watch!

Our toddler gave us some inclination of the dances and songs before the time. It is hands and arms and going down with her bum to the ground... I also now understand her fascination with the moon. Their songs are “I see the moon” and “Blinkoog sterretjie” (Shiny Star).

The toddler went into a small little jiggle every now and again on stage, and remembered sometimes to put up her hands. She also did a lot of clapping of her hands. We were amazed at how they got the whole group of children to stay in one spot the whole time. Impressive!

When a song was finished, we heard the familiar “Klaar!” (Finish!) That was our toddler!

We are still waiting for the photos and the DVD, and I will post a photo later. We did not see as much as we could have, because I took a bit too long before I bought the tickets.  That meant we were stuck at the back in the middle. And there are over zealous parents who had their cameras and video recorders up in front of us... (Waiting for that DVD now!)


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