Monday, 4 October 2010

Breastfeeding the toddler - so special

Who would have thought that breastfeeding your toddler is such a pleasure? You don’t contemplate going past that first few weeks breastfeeding, and then you pat yourself on the back after the first six weeks.

We are now past 21 weeks, and the two year goal post is around the corner. It has gone by too quickly! I also treasure breastfeeding much more because she is my last baby. Boo-hoo! That is also something to feel nostalgic about... Being an older mom does not have any impact on breastfeeding as such, but I do think that it makes me treasure it even more.

Some precious moments when breastfeeding (BF):
  • The toddler announces she wants some “Boo-Boo” when she wants to BF. (The “Boo-Boo” comes from “booby”) I also ask her: Do you want some “Mama’s milk?” She knows when she wants it, or not. Sometimes the bottle gets preference.
  • There is nothing as special as going to sleep with her, BF in my arms.
  • BF at night saves us lots of energy and time. She goes back to sleep in no time. Translated: we goes back to sleep in no time. (At this stage it happens about once or sometimes just before the alarm bell goes at five in the morning.)
  • We get lots of special eye contact when she BF. That big special eyes looking so innocently at you – I always try to smile, and reassure her, and BEING with her in the moment!
  • She points to the other breast, and asks “Boo-Boo”? I have to acknowledge each and every time: “Yes, it’s Mama’s Boo-Boo.” (Establishing the own identity?)
  • She wants to shift regularly from one breast to the other. I can’t get her to keep on nursing on one breast when she has made up her mind to change. (Smile)
  • One “irritating” thing – she loves holding and poking the other nipple while BF. I saw that it is quite a common thing with toddlers. It makes it even more difficult to BF in public.
  • We don’t even try BF in public nowadays, because the blanket is a no-go. She just throws it off. And she does not BF in one go. No, it is sip-sip, asking a question, looking around, sip-sip again, changing sides... It does not really work to have it all hang out! (Smile!)
I would not want to change a thing! I recommend breastfeeding past infancy to anyone. I read a study last week that the benefits of BF past infancy with regards to healthy children only extend to sole BF. Not when formula is used as well!

Well, if then only for the relationship between mother and toddler... I am sure that it is worth it in the end!

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  1. I SO agree. I breastfed two of the boys past the 18 month mark. It's so special


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