Sunday, 3 October 2010

Being Otherwise

Tiny Tumbles gymnastics.
The toddler did not want to play along yesterday at the gymnastics class.
She is not sick, and she feels fine. But for some reason she wants to do her own thing.

She wants to look out of the window rather than take part in any of the exercises.

She does not want to walk in a straight line on the rope. She wants to pick it up.

She does not want to jump on the balls, but she wants to carry it around like handbags.

She does not want to move the lint up and down, or in circles. She wants to take it off the stick. Or wraps it around her arm.

But she enjoyed being moved from side to side on a big ball.

Some days are just one of those days. The toddler is allowed her “Being Otherwise” days!

Why not? We all need "Being Otherwise" days some days, don't we?

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  1. I have a doing otherwise toddler sometimes too :) . I love that he now knows how to say 'No' and "I doe know" :) it is happening so fast that he is exterting his independence but it is oh so cute, as is your little girl :). Oh and I definitely agree..we all need 'Begin otherwise' days sometimes :)

  2. We sure all do have those days! Unfortunately it is not just a toddler stage. LOL.

  3. Just being the typical toddler.

  4. I think we all have our 'Otherwise moments' don't we?!

  5. I think doing otherwise is a good quality in a child. As she grows, she'll demonstrate those leadership qualities that will take her far in life. So much of life is conforming to others' rules and standards. While she's young, it's nice that she's allowed to be contrary. I sometimes do otherwise myself, and it feels really good. :)

  6. I too have a toddler who is otherwise.... especially at things like Top Tots where she feels the need to be different, I call her contrary Mary at these times. My mum says I was also very otherwise as a toddler and child and I guess i am still rather otherwise today as an adult. Seems the apple doesn't fall far from the pear tree.

  7. Maybe we should encourage "being otherwise" more...
    Something that is commendable because it is thinking outside of the box!
    I will stop cringing when the toddler do things differently!
    Thanks for the comments!


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