Friday, 22 October 2010

5 Tips on how to survive Stork Parties

I am not into Stork Parties at all! It is one of my pet hates. Is there something wrong with me?

Having to go to a function where you mostly do not know the rest of the women. Where you have to Oooh! and Aaah! at every little present being unwrapped and at the cute baby clothes and gadgets being held up.

And having to listen to horrendous birth stories…

And then getting yourself terribly uptight when you are not being acknowledged for a present you put a lot of effort into selecting… (I am fickle that way!)

I have started to compile a list on how to survive it, (and actually enjoy it). Because sometimes you have to go because it is a dear friend or family member…

5 Tips on how to survive Stork Parties:

  1. To have valid reasons for declining the invitation. The following are totally acceptable and should be made law! You don’t have to say anything when saying you can’t come:
               - When you don’t have any children.

               - When you are struggling to conceive.

               - When you have had a miscarriage.

   2.  It is great when there is somebody familiar to start a conversation with. Or make a new friend! You can catch up while the proceedings are underway.

   3. Hover near the beverages and food. Keep yourself occupied that way, especially when alcohol is available!

   4. To cope with the horrendous birth stories, tell your own, and make it as gruesome as possible! Enjoy the look of horror on the face of the pregnant woman. (You are bad, Karen!)

   5. When you have other children, bring them along! It makes it easy to excuse yourself while running after them, and also to go earlier…

Do you have more tips to add to my list?

(Graphic: "Stork" - Microsoft clip art)


  1. I am lucky - as soon as they start with the preggy stories and they hear I have carried twins full term at 3kg each, a sense of wonder cross their faces and I am left alone to play on my phone.

  2. Heh-heh, Cat! Great excuse.
    Another great tip as well:
    6. Play on your phone.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Get the time wrong and arrive when everyone else has left and only food are left and you can hand over the present quickly and have a decent chat with the pregnant friend!

  4. Lately I have only attended those of my grandchildren. Cat is SO funny;-D

  5. I HATE stork parties. Hate them.

    For years I used to put up with them and plaster a fake smile on my face (if you knew me, you'd know I don't do a fake smile very well) but when I was going through infertility, I just blatantly declined.

    I say, "I'll happily bring a gift but baby showers are not my thing"

    Ta da

    People do look horrified but the trick is to move off quickly while they're still recovering!


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