Friday, 26 November 2010

The year has gone swoooosh!

Arnia and the BF, Stian
I asked the teen to write me something of the past year, and her expectations of the following year.

The year has gone swoooosh!

This year I did grade 11 (standard 9) and what a year it was from projects to tests to hockey to keeping up a social life and having a bf.

Next year I will be doing Matric, the big and final year, but I still feel like a little kid and quite frankly I am scared of stepping up to the plate of being part of the eldest of the school.

A few highlights of this year:

  • We were at Umdloti, Durban, while the 2010 Soccer World Cup was on T.V.
  •  My boyfriend and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary and it was great.
  •  I played hockey and met a lot of new people and also got to rediscover old friends.
  •  My baby sister has crept so deep in my heart and I would do anything for her, even give up my afternoon naps.
A few highlights waiting for next year:
  • I am going on my long awaited French tour and afterward I am going to visit my aunt in London.
  • Every girl dreams about this day: The Prom Night! (I am already collecting photos for possible dresses)
I realized the other day that I still feel very young almost like a 12 year old that is still discovering the world and next year this time I will be thinking of university.

That’s a scary thought!                
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  1. Oh this is gorgeous. I love that she still feels 'young'. She has accomplished such a lot this year, but most of all she has found such a bond with her baby sister and that is the best accomplishment of all.

    She and her boy look so darn cute! x

  2. Oh wow, this is so lovely!

    What an awesome young lady!

  3. You can be so proud of your "big little" girl;-D

  4. We still want you to be small too, but you are such a lovely bright young lady! We wish you a wonderful grade 12 year and may all your dreams come true. Can't wait for your visit here in London! Miss you so much. xxxxx

  5. Aw, that is just so sweet. How proud you must be to have raised such a lovely and thoughtful young girl.


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