Monday, 22 November 2010

Movie Clip Monday #1 - The toddler and insects

I am linking up with Tasneem over at MumDrum, who has this great idea of a Movie Clip Monday.

This video is of Mieka's encounter with a beetle. She gets excited about seeing insects, and has a huge fascination with them, but she does not want to touch them yet.

"Goggatjie" means off course "insect"!


  1. Love it!! She is afrikaans saying that "g's" beautifully!!

  2. awesome! love the hands covering the face bit at the end, so cute. thanks for joining me, u even had your clip up before me :)

  3. Ah too cute Karen! It's so sweet to see the little lady in 'real life' after reading about her and seeing her in photos :D


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