Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Clothes shopping with the teen - a No-No!

Remind me to never go clothes shopping with the teen.  It is only an exercise in frustration!

Whenever we go shopping for clothes for the teen, we usually end up with nothing. Only sometimes a clothing item gets thumbs up from the teen...

She is so picky and so fussy! All the pants and the skirts should sit on her hips, and when it doesn’t, she pulls it off to the hip level.  When I tell her it should be pulled up a bit, she retorts by saying that she will never wear it that way. Definitely not an eighties baby! We used to wear our skirts and pants just beneath our breasts.

The jeans should not make bags in front.  Most of the time I can’t even see the “bag” in front!

The worst part is that she looks very good in EVERY-THING she tries on. She still has the skinny body to look fantastic in almost anything! Why do we never appreciate our youthful bodies? Only to think back later on about our youthful skinny selves...

I cannot buy her any clothing item, because I do not want to waste my money and time. When she doesn’t like a clothing item, it does not get worn. Full stop! Never! Even when being nicely asked, or “threatened” because I have not seen the specific clothing item.

From now on I will let her find her own clothes. We do not agree on what is nice and what looks nice. Only sometimes!

Fortunately she manages to look good every time!  With no help – only sometimes – from the mother! (Wink smile!) The teen has her dress sense and style which is unique to her.  Luckily for the mother it is also not way out, or outrageous!

I always tell her that if she wears or looks funny, I will definitely capture it on camera. To keep it for that rainy day when we will need a laugh! (Not really! But I think it helps a bit to ward of bad teen wardrobes, don’t you?)

Next time I will rather go and drink a coffee, than go into a changing room with her...


  1. Fabulous you don't have to buy lots! ;-) We saw so many things in London we thought might look good on the teen, but then decided it's too expensive if she doesn't like it. Best they shop for their own clothes.

    I want to see the photo with the orange top?? ha ha

  2. If she makes the right choices, I say give her money to buy and relax while she does it.

  3. Having survived two teenage girls, I can suggest, with confidence, to sneak in the Bailey's for your coffee on the next shopping excursion.
    Shopping with a teen girl is an exercise in sanity!


  4. HAHAHA i am not a teen and she sounds just like me, i hate any thing above the hips even the slightest cm and the bags in the front oh you might not see them but they are there lol

  5. Reminds me of how I gave my children a clothing allowance...they could spend it all on one expensive item or many cheap items. I never had the patience to go shopping with them.


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