Sunday, 9 May 2010

Mother's Day

My 2 beautiful daughters
It is wonderful to be a mother! Today we spent the day with family, and I felt grateful for the opportunity to have a mother whom I can be grateful for, and to be a mother!

Thank you, Mother, for now we know how difficult it has been to raise us! The sleepless nights, driving around with a baby at ten at night (which we did just now), the worries ... (long list)! We also know how extremely awe-inspiring and satisfying it is to see a little one grow up into becoming their own unique beings!

It is such a cliché! (Gag, gag!) Being a mother has made me gone soft and mushy and saying “CUTE!” to every baby I see. (Meaning it really! Really!) By becoming a mother, you also succumb to all the soppy! And loving it...

How we have fallen! (Smug smile!)

The whole of Johannesburg rocked up at the Sappi Sunday Picnic Concert at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens! It was a lovely sunny day, with picnic and music. The Girl Zone band entertained us with popular tunes. There were children everywhere... It was a perfect family outing. My own grandmother (of eighty more years) came with as well, and it was inspiring to see that she enjoyed it! You go, grandmother!

I am planning to also be “game” for everything when I am older! WE don’t ever have to be “old”! (Please remind me when I forget about this in future years, my daughters.)


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