Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Babies and children - Powerwoman on her soapbox

As soon as you get pregnant, and you have you own baby, it is as if other children and babies matter even more. I can’t stand the thought of any baby or child being hurt, neglected or injured. I look at my own child and I cannot comprehend that anybody would harm such an innocent magnificent small person! Powerwoman gets on her soapbox immediately!
Two stories grabbed me this past week.

The story of Rent-a-Baby that was broadcasted on Carte Blanche is heart-breaking. I heard it on the news (we don’t have the full bouquet of channels). It is horrific! Mothers are hiring out their babies for as little as twenty rand a day to stand at intersections begging. This is a regular sight here in South Africa. Some babies have been found without food or water, passed out on the perpetrators’ backs. I have not been giving them money in any case, but it has strengthened my resolve to NEVER-EVER give them any money and not to feel GUILTY about it anymore!

The other story is the story of one year old baby Marzanne who was battered in a house robbery and who is now blind. Words fail me... It is very sad when stuff like this happens!

I do not like to watch stories where children are negatively impacted, but now we are hearing the real thing! Not all babies and children are being cared for as they should be... Sadly!
Powerwoman wishes for a society where our focus will turn to our most precious future: Our children!


  1. Touching post...I hate it when children and old people are abused.

    Thanks for stopping by on my blog;-D

  2. I get so upset that I can not watch or read anymore. It really gets to me too.

  3. this has been something on my mind for a while now, i've cried so many times listening to the news its reaaly starting to disillusion my view of humanity.

  4. It upsets me SSSOOOO. I don't know what kind of person you must be to do something like that to a child.

  5. Amen - I agree. I can't bear to listen to these stories. It hurts so deep down that I wonder... the people who do these things - how have they been hardened and made immune to the feelings we have all expressed here???


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