Monday, 17 May 2010

Our little girl has become afraid

Something of the scared little face that we see...
Lately we have noticed that we have to watch what is showing on television. We have to keep our fingers on the alt button. Even stuff that we think is not worth mentioning makes our little one afraid.

She sees an ugly face, or a strange creature, sometimes even a “funny” face, and she looks at us with eyes full of fright! I was not even aware of how many strange things are being shown on television. Our days are filled with abnormal apparitions: a devil with red horns, an ugly face on a clay tablet, and a man with tattoos on his face... We are being bombarded with it!

The thing is – as soon as she has seen it, she has seen it. You can’t undo an image in the mind... We will have to be extremely careful from now on!

This is most probably where the stage of being afraid is coming into play. I used to be a very scared little girl myself. I remember being in my bed when I was small; not able to move because of being scared. The teen also used to sleep with a night light, and to this day she does not watch any scary movies. We have a rule: we rather do not look at something when we get the inclination it is going to be scary. We change the stations!

From now on: we will change stations even more quickly!

How do we teach them to not be afraid? Is it possible to do it, or is it a normal phase in development?


  1. Ashman is 22 months old and he started being frightened if things at about 18 months. He doesn't take notice of the tv thankfully but he has Bern scared of things on Irvin occasions. He gets scared of things like dogs, animals in general, any you that moves on it's own, sounds..I think it is a natural development phase? He is slowly getting better and like you we are on the look out for triggers and to stop them before he goes into hysteria.

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  3. It is certainly a stage but as to TV- I really limit what the kids watch.

  4. My kids used to also be so scared. Don't think it is something you can "talk" away. Saying to them - nothing to be afraid of - doesn't change their reality of being scared. Think you are doing the best thing to keep the scary stuff at bay!

  5. It is a stage, but also directly related to what is on TV - we don't think that they notice what we're watching - but they are even more susceptible to it than we are. my little one only watches cbeebies. the tv is not on if she is in the room.

  6. It is so difficult to REALLY control what they watch and see on TV. Like you say, just that one image ... one ... and it can't be undone. I worry now about the boys and the sexual images on TV. Not x-rated movies but what they talk about and show on even just 'normal' TV.

  7. Thanks for the advice. :-) Now I feel very guilty!
    Less television here, for sure!


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