Monday, 31 May 2010

The Sleeping Beauty - Ballet

Last Thursday evening saw us watching a classical ballet. The real deal! It was great fun. Roodepoort Youth Ballet is part of an outreach and development programme (Mzansi Productions). It is especially the children who made it such a pleasure to watch!

A daughter of friends of ours was also part of the production. The whole production was put together in three months and the Sleeping Beauty and her Prince are students from the National Ballet School of Cuba. The Cubans are excellent dancers.

It is inspiring to see the young girls doing ballet, and I am definitely going to take Mieka for ballet classes when she is bigger. If only for the posture, poise and basic dancing skills that they learn, then it would be enough reason.

The teen also took part in ballet classes, but I could not continue to take her to the classes when she started school. (I was on my own then and working full days at the time). I now wish I had made some extra plans to get her to ballet classes...

When we were walking out of the UJ Arts Centre after the performance, we heard a woman told her friends that she got sleepy. She proceeded to drape her hair across her face to catch some shut-eye during the performance. We were giggling to ourselves – she was definitely not fooling anyone doing that...

(Photo: Mart-Leen posing for us before the performance. She is 8 years old and a very keen ballerina!)


  1. The princess loves her ballet classes - just love it.

  2. The jury is still out on ballet classes! My kids love showing off everything they learn and we will see if they continue to enjoy going to ballet classes next year!


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