Thursday, 6 May 2010

Bubble brain – how long does it last?

I have noticed that the baby brain - the fog brain - has been getting clearer over the months since baby was born.

OR do we get used to diminishing capacities? Horrors! I hope not!

I used the “baby brain” excuse last week when I told Cat that she had been nominated by me for a Sunshine Award. When I checked my list after it was posted, her name was not there. I was really planning to put it up, but somehow I slipped up. Luckily I could nominate her for The Life is Good Award, and I had to apologise on her site. She was extremely good humoured about the whole thing, and said that we could still use the “baby brain” excuse until they are 12 years of age.

12 years works for me! I think it is also because we have so many things to think of when we have children. It is not only ME anymore, but I have to think of another person and her needs 24/7. Her food, her poop, her clothes, her entertainment, her education... (The list is endless).

I find myself walking into the house after a busy day at work, and trying to do a couple of tasks with the toddler hanging on my knees. I am on my way to the bedroom to go and fetch a bundle of washing, when I see Mieka’s day care bag which needs to be unpacked. I do that, and when I get to the basin with the bottles, I start washing them. I need to take out something out of the freezer, but there is toys strewn around that needs to be put back into a box... Sometime during the evening everything gets done, even the washing, but it feels like I am sidetracked in my own home the whole time...
I blame the “bubble brain”!

How long do YOU think we can blame it on the “baby brain”?

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  1. Well, you know my thoughts about it. But I think we suffer from brain overload mainly, and then maybe child overload.

    Just know I would never expect you to apologize. Love to you girl.

  2. I don't know how long it lasts... let's just say - I clean house in the same way...and Arno is 13!!!!


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