Monday, 24 May 2010

Stressful teen years

I feel very sorry for teenagers nowadays. Their lives are so busy. With studies, and sport, and exams! I think they have more stress in their lives than we used to have.

Arnia comes home from her hockey, and then she has to finish her homework and study as well. She even has to decide which task is most important (counts the most), and make a choice what to do and what not. It does feel as if they get more on their plates than they can handle sometimes... Or, maybe it is good for them? It teaches them to focus their energies. (I hope so!)

I was very proud of her last week when she typed out CV’s with introduction letters. She handed the CV’s to managers at seven shops in the nearby mall. She is looking for a part-time job at weekends and school holidays to start saving for the French tour next year. She got six “maybe” answers and the promise that they will phone her this week. Thumbs crossed!

Sometimes all that is needed is to go and ask...


  1. I think all kids in general have a lot more on their plate these days. There are so many after school activities and commitments. Then there's homework. There always seems to be something on!

  2. They are young and can handle it all! Fun all the activities and somehow school work fits in too.

    Great that she gave her CV in! I know she will get a part-time job soon. France is just beautiful and she will love it there.

    Enjoy being a TEEN!

  3. Oh wow, she is all grown and going all out. You should be so proud.

  4. I hope she gets a position and am very excited for her going to France! They have a lot on their plates and life does not get any easier, does it?

  5. It is difficult isn't it. I look at my 12 year old and wonder how she crams in what she does into a day.

    Hope she comes right with ajob!


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