Monday, 3 May 2010

Lanseria airport: a great place to take the kids

The toddler loves watching planes. When she hears a plane, we have to pick her up and show her the plane in the sky. She also makes a flying movement with her arms, with an mmmm-sound, ‘describing” the plane to us.

We took her to the Lanseria airport, which is nearer to us than O.R. Tambo International, on Sunday. It is a great place to show airplanes in all shapes and sizes to the children. There is a Wiesenhoff restaurant on the outlook deck. You can sit and sip your coffee while the planes are coming in and taking off right in front of you. We even saw a big green Kulula plane (747 Boeing) taking off right in front of us.

There is a jumping castle on the deck as wel, but it is advisable not to show it too early to the little one. Then the restful coffee time is at an end... (Smile)

We will definitely go there again. There is always parking available. It is not that hectic, but busy enough with all the national and small planes coming and going...
Very entertaining! :D

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